Round Bottle Shape Cooling Tower

Round FRP bottle type cooling towers are induced draught cooling towers, which are known for their design and effectiveness. We impart a Series of DFC-50 to meet the high demands of our quality conscious customers. ...............

Cuboid Shape Cooling Tower

Our  Square/Cuboid Cooling Towers are modularly designed and structured to ensure scalability with changing requirements. The towers perform well under induced draught counter flow principle of operation. They are vertically installed to counter the air flow against water flow. The design also ensures even distribution of water for proper heat transfer.............

Cooling Tower Spare Parts

After sales service, maintenance and repair are integral to our business. We offer a wide range of spare parts to ensure that you have a trouble-free experience with our cooling towers.........

Energy Saving FRP Fan

Our energy efficient FRP Fans are made using quality components and advanced technology to deliver high performance.

The directly-driven, axial flow type fans are specially designed to ensure energy saving and generate maximum air flow at minimum pitch angle of blades in the cooling towers.

Non-Chemical Water Treatment Device

A Non-Chemical Water Treatment Device is one of the best credible scale prevention methods in operation. The advantages of the water treatment device far outweigh its one time installation cost.......